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Glass Breaker Baton Wedge Cap for Smith & Wesson Batons

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Glass Breaker Baton Wedge Cap for Smith & Wesson Batons:

Discontinued - This item is no longer available.

Add glass breaking functionality to your baton with this glass breaker end cap for Smith & Wesson batons. Vehicle window glass is designed to not shatter with blunt force. If you hit a closed glass auto window with the standard tip of a baton it would simply bounce off. In order to break the glass, the force must be concentrated into a sharp tip. The Smith & Wesson glass breaker concentrates energy into a small point that easily shatters glass. This glass breaker features a tapered design to increase retention in the case somebody tries to pull the baton out of your grip.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent baton accessory

This is a very hefty, well-made glass breaker/retention cap. Be sure to put in practice after installing, as it will change the balance of your baton, especially with the smaller ones like 16".


I love the lightweight baton, but the flared, glass-breaker is steel and unbalances the aluminum baton. It is a great shape and really helps grip the baton while swinging.
If the same shape were made in aluminum, it would be perfect.

Grip, balance & control

Added this to a 21” and a 24” baton.
Improves grip security and also balance IMO.
I think the glass breaker tip provides a more controlled way to make the initial breach in a car window in a situation where the occupant is close to the window.
Baton Warehouse was great to deal with.

Make the most of the tool

Absolutely love this cap for the S&W batons... adds great functionality. Not only does this better balance out the baton, but the added width at the base of the baton provides extra assurance that the baton stays in your hand. The cap also makes for a formidable weapon when swinging the unopened baton as a hammer / mace or when using the cap to administer pommel strikes or kubotan controls. Of course it can also be used for its original purpose of breaking auto glass.

Nice addition to baton

This cap is a nice addition, it helps keep hand from sliding off end. Hopefully the ability to break window will never need to be used.