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Safariland Model 135 Baton Holder -  STX Tactical Finish

Safariland Model 135 Baton Holder - STX Tactical Finish

  • $22.99

Safariland Model 135 Baton Holder - STX Tactical Finish:

The Model 135 Baton Holder is designed for expandable batons and has three different sizes to accommodate 16 in. , 21 in. and 26 in. batons. The 26 in. version also fits Streamlight Stinger® flashlights when not holding a baton

Customer Reviews

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Second best baton holder I've ever had

Not much else to say. Use loctite on the screws and it prevents the only issue this holder has.

I was taught crossdraw baton and it's he'll trying to find a crossdraw holster. This is damn near perfect.

Great replacement for standard holder

Bought because the Manadock swivel holster sucks. We have the super duper sticky grips that make it impossible to draw from the strong side. This one locks on the belt and you can set the cant. I prefer strong side draw and set it strait up and down. It does not slide on the belt so no worries about getting behind the gun. The only thing I would say is if you are going to cant forward from the right side buy the left hand holder. The right side is made to cant for a cross draw.