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NEX 20" Walker Concealable Baton

  • $99.00

NEX 20" Walker Concealable Baton:

The Nex Walker series batons are constructed of a lightweight aluminum handle and two enhanced steel extendable sections that lock firm into place when deployed. These are equipped with a removable clip that can connect to the baton handle in 10 different positions. Nex Walker batons are ideal for undercover use or anytime concealment is a must. These batons feature a built in ceramic emergency glass breaker on the tip. Easily closes by depressing the button on the end of the handle and pushing the tip inwards with you hand.

Retracted Length: 8.8"
Extended Length: 20"
Weight: 8.8 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
William Coleman
love the easy operation of the expandable baton

i use to be a reserve police officer and had one of the older 26" batons, that you had to beat on the concrete to close. i really like this one because it is so easy to close and open with the button on the rear.

John James

Very nice product well made light smooth deployment and retraction

Danny Yantin
20 inch baton

Love it and I live the button release highly recommended

Flyin Hawaiian
Walker 20”

I really like this baton , very stealthy , I don’t know if they have a flashlight that will fit the twenty inch I think that will be awesome if they have a light kit to add to it .

Great design

I love the design and mechanics of the NEX Walker line, it looks and feels quality built and locks up solid. The one thing I would recommend if you plan on concealing it well is to not order the 20. After trying it with various pants brands including Duluth, 5.11, Vertex, and LAPG, I would recommend getting the Walker 16. It's only 1.3" shorter when closed but it would allow it to fit more comfortably in a pocket.