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NEX 17" Aluminum Push Button Closing Baton

  • $86.00

NEX 17" Aluminum Push Button Closing Baton:

The Nex Baton is a brand-new design of push button closing batons. These batons are constructed of steel alloys and high strength aluminum for maximum performance in a lighter weight baton. Nex Batons deploy smoothly with the flick of the wrist. Closing the baton is easy, press the button on the end cap and manually close the baton with your hands. The smooth action in deploying, and retracting these batons is unmatched. There is no need to frequently oil or lubricate this baton to achieve smooth operation. This baton can be expanded and retracted 3000 times before it needs additional lubricant.

The Nex Baton has a textured rubber grip. The rubber grip is designed for maximum retention whether it is wet or dry. With the addition of optional accessories such as a glass breaking tip and a retention ring this baton is highly functional. Nex batons open easily and with authority every time and close very smoothly every time with the push of a button.

The NEX vane fan lock design subtly integrates every locking structure into one component, improving strength and reliability. Ingenious simplicity: they disassemble to only 4 components so there are fewer parts that could break. All NEX batons feature solid locking performance, smooth extension and retraction, and convenient assembly and maintenance. NEX batons are manufactured with precision CNC machines to ensure quality and consistency, making every NEX baton equally outstanding.

  • Expanded Length: 17"
  • Retracted Length: 7.56"
  • Weight: 10.23oz


NEX batons will fit in NEX baton holders or the Envoy series baton holders from ASP.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
My first baton

I bought this baton after spending a lot of time reading reviews on other (more expensive) brands. I finally picked this one due to the size, weight and price (and some impressive videos). I got the longer length (even though I am short) to carry when I go for walks. Numerous times I have been approached by stray dogs and have feared getting attacked (I also carry pepper spray).Hopefully I will never have to use this, but feel a little more secure having it with me.It is easy to open and close and light enough to carry easily.The free engraving is a nice bonus, thanks!

Best Baton I've Owned in 11 Years!

I've owned ASP friction locks, Monadnock Auto Locks, and Casco batons. I have broken the ASPs and Cascos and lost my Monadnock this past year 2018. I read reviews and watched videos on this baton and was skeptical. Upon receiving it, it felt amazing to deploy and lock. I also bought the holster from Nex which allows the baton to withdraw in the holster and the open in locked position as well as to close it and reholster it. It's light, but weighted on the striking portion. Feels great. I am buying the Nex Walker baton too for EDC. I hope these really catch on. They are leaps and bounds of your traditional ASPs. Worth the money!


Easy to use, durable and lightweight. Solid choice all around.

Excellent Baton

Quality light weight and strong baton!

NEX 23 inch

Great performance easy to retract and you can't beat the price!