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Monadnock Wedge Baton Cap™ for Autolock Batons

Monadnock Wedge Baton Cap™ for Autolock Batons

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Monadnock Wedge Baton Cap™ for Autolock Batons:

Wedge caps can be added to your Monadnock Autolock baton to improve control & retention. The tapered design of these end caps make it harder for a subject or external force to remove the baton from your grip. This wedge cap fits the standard Autolock baton. When fitted with a wedge cap your baton will roll back to you when dropped on a hard surface. Easy to install, simply unscrew the end cap on your baton and screw in the replacement wedge cap. Your Monadnock baton must remain in the closed position when removing/installing end caps.

Customer Reviews

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Roger Claxton
Great accessory

The Wedge is a step up from the original endcap and helps in retaining the baton in opening or swinging the baton. The Hindi endcap probably does a better job, but the Wedge is more concealable- which fits my needs quite well!

Daryn Berndt

I have one already but wanted to set up my 18 inch as well. the only gripe is for some reason I have to push in further than the standard to get release. Other that that I love the extra width to maintain purchase.Even if it widens it for closed strikes I think it's a good product i think maybe it could be a tad shallower press for release but thats just my 2 cents.also there are more than 1 length my 21 has a longer shaft inside.

Michael D'Antuono
worth the money

This baton should be sold with the wedge, it is so much of an improvement t in handling retention and ease of use

Tyler Rodgers
Much needed

This was a much needed add on for my baton. Shipping was fast and this company is always on point with their products

Police Department Trainer

Your service exemplarty and your shipping was very fast .