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Monadnock Model 9552 22" AutoLock Baton & Holder

Monadnock Model 9552 22" AutoLock Baton & Holder

  • $182.82

Monadnock Model 9552 22" AutoLock Baton & Holder:

This Monadnock Duty Kit includes a Monadnock AutoLock® 22” Baton w/Power Safety Tip®. The Monadnock AutoLock baton retracts with the push of a button. Expanding is the same as all other expandable batons, swing the baton firmly to open. The baton included in this kit features a black chrome finish & a durable rubber super grip. The black chrome shaft is constructed of heat-treated steel. The black finish provides a tactical look and protects the metal.

The baton holder included in this kit is constructed of polycarbonate & clips onto your belt. The holder swivels 360° and features 8 locking positions. Monadnock batons are known for their durability and reliability. When you need it, your Monadnock baton will not let you down.

Monadnock batons are made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Marc Poblador
Excellent Baton But Fragile Scabbard/Holder

Baton is excellent! Lousy rather flimsy scabbard. In this? The regular leather and or nylon Bianchi accumold Asp baton holder for the 26inch baton works just fine! Yes, baton is "wobbly" but for the auto lock type-this is extremely normal!

Kenneth Nicholson
Nice Baton

Just enough to keep a defensive position!

Monadnock Model 9552 22” Autolock Baton & Holder

I went to a local uniform store here in New Jersey and they tried to charge me $200 strictly for the Monadnock Model 9552 Baton. I did a quick search online and found this website where I paid less than $200 for the Baton AND the holder. As well with quick shipping. Great service.

john pearce
Nice baton

I love the look and feel of this baton. There have been several instances in training where after repeat strikes my old baton would collapse. The tech here seems more stable. The baton itself seems more solid as well.

Life Present Baton Baton Monadnock monadnock review with holster online sale sell discount

The only thing I'd suggest is in the first few emails you guys send, please tell us that upon shipping the package, that the tracking number will be provided. The emails initially, could just be more clear on that. That being said. This IS where the best deals on gear are. I've looked for a few days to first to find the best deals and this is where I will come back for any gear I need in the future. I want to say thank you for a great deal. Everything was very nice. The baton has the best warranty of all batons, that's why I went with Monadnock. The free initial engraving was a very nice personal touch. I appreciate your great business and wish you much success in the future.