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Monadnock AutoLock X3 18" Baton w/Power Safety Tip - Super Grip - Wedge End Cap

Monadnock AutoLock X3 18" Baton w/Power Safety Tip - Super Grip - Wedge End Cap

  • $161.49

Monadnock AutoLock X3 18" Baton w/Power Safety Tip - Super Grip - Wedge End Cap:

The Monadnock AutoLock® X3™ expandable baton is the latest innovation in impact devices. The AutoLock® X3 baton features many improvements in the already impressive AutoLock baton series. Notable improvements include an updated cam and stainless-steel ball bearing design which offers reliably consistent locking action and better stability with a solid feel when expanded. Monadnock added a plastic nose on the baton handle that ensures a smoother transition when holstering/unholstering. The Monadnock AutoLock® X3 baton has a blackened electroless nickel finish for a tactical and corrosion resistant look. These batons close flawlessly with the push of a button and are sturdy and stable at lockout.


Customer Reviews

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Right Tool for the Right Job

Worked flawlessly right out of the box. Found the 18" to be perfect size for duty belt. When extended properly it has a Convincing locking noise, click, to announce you mean business. Stay Safe.

Chris Webster
Excellent auto lock baton

I really like the 18" size as a good compromise between 16 and 21. The power safety tip provides good heft at the business end of the baton. Smooth action just needs a little time to break in (working it open and closed) and a little lubricant, and you are good to go.

As always, the shipping speed and customer service from Baton Warehouse is beyond exceptional.

Solid, Well Made

This is a quality product. I hope I hope I never have to use it, but if necessary will do so with confidence.

Mike C
High quality product

Worth the money. High quality great materials. Opens and closes with ease 100% reliable. No doubt I will have this the rest of my life

Eric Pendleton
Great Product,Second purchase of this product from this company!

This is the second Monadnock baton I have bought, the first was for a family member who cannot carry their firearm into the work place. I was impressed in all respects, and decided to get one of my own. I now carry this baton off duty and on plain clothes assignments as it conceals very easily (either in a case, in a pocket, or just stuck in your belt) while allowing me an effective less lethal option with high confidence. If your life, or more importantly, that of your loved ones, may depend on your equipment, don't go cheap. I especially like the auto lock function over friction lock, it allows discrete opening and closing when desired, and no nasty burs for someone to get cut with. I just wish I could get my agency to switch! The customer support has been outstanding!