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Monadnock AutoLock® X3™ 18" Baton w/ Power Safety Tip

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Monadnock AutoLock® X3™ 18" Baton w/ Power Safety Tip:

The Monadnock AutoLock® X3™ expandable baton is the latest innovation in impact devices. The AutoLock® X3 baton features many improvements in the already impressive AutoLock baton series. Notable improvements include an updated cam and stainless-steel ball bearing design which offers reliably consistent locking action and better stability with a solid feel when expanded. Monadnock added a plastic nose on the baton handle that ensures a smoother transition when holstering/unholstering. The Monadnock AutoLock® X3 baton has a blackened electroless nickel finish for a tactical and corrosion resistant look. These batons close flawlessly with the push of a button and are sturdy and stable at lockout.

Monadnock X3 batons have two grip types, two cap and two tip options.

Available grips are the standard foam grip and the super grip. The foam grip offers the highest tear strength and is also offered on most friction lock batons. The super grip is a textured rubber grip that offers better grip and retention in adverse conditions.

The safety tip is a standard baton tip encased in hard rubber to ensure a smooth striking surface. Both baton tips are very effective in striking. The power safety tip is a 2” weight encased in rubber designed to enhance striking effects by adding extra weight to the end of the baton.  

The optional wedge end cap enhances baton retention and control. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great Product,Second purchase of this product from this company!

This is the second Monadnock baton I have bought, the first was for a family member who cannot carry their firearm into the work place. I was impressed in all respects, and decided to get one of my own. I now carry this baton off duty and on plain clothes assignments as it conceals very easily (either in a case, in a pocket, or just stuck in your belt) while allowing me an effective less lethal option with high confidence. If your life, or more importantly, that of your loved ones, may depend on your equipment, don't go cheap. I especially like the auto lock function over friction lock, it allows discrete opening and closing when desired, and no nasty burs for someone to get cut with. I just wish I could get my agency to switch! The customer support has been outstanding!

A little stiff at first but terrific.

Solid in the hand. Good flange at the butt to keep from flying out of hand when being swung. Nice high friction grip. Excellent build quality. Not the smallest for concealing but terrific quality.

Excellent after some work in time

I purchased this unit with very high expectations. Right out of the box it opened very nicely but was extremely difficult to close. With the button fully depressed, I still had to bang it on the ground for probably the first 10-15 times to get it to close. After that, it just started closing much smoother and now it closes perfectly. I just had to loosen it up I guess. I really like it. Excellent build quality and I’m confident it will work as intended when if the need ever arises to use it. Great product. My only regret is getting the 18” vs a longer one. I want to get something that would fit in a pocket. This one does...sorta, but not as well as I thought. Next time I’m getting a bigger one.

Definitely quality!

I just got the 18" & it seems like its built with quality. There are a couple of things that could use improvement from my point of view. I picked the 18" in order to conceal it. It's larger in the closed position than others I have which open up to a 21".
The weight of the metal seem solid. A little bit harder to whip open unless you open it with both hands. There is a little bit of play between the three sections. The play in the baton may be just mine, I was used to using an Asp for years on patrol, & it locked in place without any play at all, although it was a pain hitting the concrete every time I opened it. After my stroke years ago I lost some function, & pressing the release button with my right thumb seems almost impossible, but Its no issue with my left hand.

Exceptional quality

exceptional quality, the finish is a satin polished metal with my name etched into the shaft. I'm an officer who uses a baton for my intermediate force and doesn't use or rely on a tazer so I want a quality baton.Very pleased with the product.