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Monadnock AutoLock® X3™ 16" Baton w/ Safety Tip

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Monadnock AutoLock® X3™ 16" Baton w/ Safety Tip:

The Monadnock AutoLock® X3™ expandable baton is the latest innovation in impact devices. The AutoLock® X3 baton features many improvements in the already impressive AutoLock baton series. Notable improvements include an updated cam and stainless-steel ball bearing design which offers reliably consistent locking action and better stability with a solid feel when expanded. Monadnock added a plastic nose on the baton handle that ensures a smoother transition when holstering/unholstering. The Monadnock AutoLock® X3 baton has a blackened electroless nickel finish for a tactical and corrosion resistant look. These batons close flawlessly with the push of a button and are sturdy and stable at lockout.

Monadnock X3 batons have two grip types, two cap and two tip options.

Available grips are the standard foam grip and the super grip. The foam grip offers the highest tear strength and is also offered on most friction lock batons. The super grip is a textured rubber grip that offers better grip and retention in adverse conditions.

The safety tip is a standard baton tip encased in hard rubber to ensure a smooth striking surface. Both baton tips are very effective in striking. The power safety tip is a 2” weight encased in rubber designed to enhance striking effects by adding extra weight to the end of the baton.  

The optional wedge end cap enhances baton retention and control. 

Customer Reviews

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An Imposing Thing of Beauty

This baton is absolutely beautiful, and the finish is perfectly executed. It has very close tolerances and is truly a precision piece of equipment. The design, rigidity and practical application of the AutoLock function are each remarkable and altogether are unlike any other friction lock batons that I’ve evaluated.

For me, the 16” length is ideal – both extended and collapsed. My primary application is concealment. It fits easily in a front jeans pocket, horizontally on a belt and unobtrusively in an ankle setup.

I am particularly fond of some of the ways it can be deployed:
It stays securely collapsed until you want it open.
It can be extended quietly by pulling the safety tip outward without having to resort to any dramatic snapping motions.
It stays open, even with serious jabbing, until you want it closed by depressing the recessed release button.
It can be discreetly collapsed by simply pressing the safety tip against your abs and depressing the release button at the awesome dense foam handle.

Going to order a second one

My wife carries this in her purse. Excellent self defense tool, but it does require practice and some training. I'm going to order a second one for our vehicle as well as a secondary melee home defense weapon if I can't get to the gun.

Like this product

Have a little problem closing at times - ordered lubricant to see how that works - other than that no issues!

Good quality and service.

Good quality from Manadnixk and good service from Baton Warehouse.

Wish I'd bought two!

This baton was everything it said it was, and is far superior to the one I was issued. The service was outstanding; I ordered this the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it was delivered Tuesday. My next baton will be another Monadnock or a Peacekeeper (if yall carry them). Overall, very happy with the order and product!