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Chicago 21" Hardened Steel Baton - Black

  • $24.99

Chicago 21" Hardened Steel Baton - Black:

This Chicago 21" Tactical Baton comes with a black finish on the two extending steel shafts for a sleeker more subtle look. Measuring 21” at full extension, this baton is the medium size for this variety. Our friction locking Chicago Batons can be easily deployed with a strong outward swing & retracts by swiftly hitting the tip straight down on the ground. The handle comes in a rubber diamond textured grip that helps maintain control under extreme conditions. Also included is a Nylon Baton Case fitted for your baton.

Customer Reviews

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Citizen of the Empire
Feels solid, ought to be durable

Solid feel, decent grip, can't wait to set about a thumping on something with it!

Mike King
Solid Baton

Solid and well built. Will do the job.

Heather J.
Nothing left to say.

I can't think of anything to say that hasn't been said already. I purchased this baton based on the reviews and I am, not at all, disappointed.

Kelly Gibson
(Kelly's order

I am very happy with the quality of the product. I recomend it . And with covid and the snow storm I'm sure that's what took so lo long, so I want to thank everyone at batton warehouse . God bless ysll.

Nice, friction Lock Is Quite Secure

Not much to say about it other than what the title says. Baton Warehouse can supply a video of how to close it if necessary (found here):