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Monadnock AutoLock® X3™ 22" Baton w/ Power Safety Tip

  • $137.76

Monadnock AutoLock® X3™ 22" Baton w/ Power Safety Tip:

The Monadnock AutoLock® X3™ expandable baton is the latest innovation in impact devices. The AutoLock® X3 baton features many improvements in the already impressive AutoLock baton series. Notable improvements include an updated cam and stainless-steel ball bearing design which offers reliably consistent locking action and better stability with a solid feel when expanded. Monadnock added a plastic nose on the baton handle that ensures a smoother transition when holstering/unholstering. The Monadnock AutoLock® X3 baton has a blackened electroless nickel finish for a tactical and corrosion resistant look. These batons close flawlessly with the push of a button and are sturdy and stable at lockout.

Monadnock X3 batons have two grip types, two cap and two tip options.

Available grips are the standard foam grip and the super grip. The foam grip offers the highest tear strength and is also offered on most friction lock batons. The super grip is a textured rubber grip that offers better grip and retention in adverse conditions.

The safety tip is a standard baton tip encased in hard rubber to ensure a smooth striking surface. Both baton tips are very effective in striking. The power safety tip is a 2” weight encased in rubber designed to enhance striking effects by adding extra weight to the end of the baton.  

The optional wedge end cap enhances baton retention and control. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    I like it.

    I started with a Smith and Wesson friction lock. The first one rarely opened and when it did closing would be equally difficult. The replacement had the opposite problem. Easy to open and too easy to close.

    I tried the Monadnock auto lock and it is easy to open and locks solidly until I press the button on the handle.

    Crazy fast

    Having used Monadnock previously I wasn't worried about the product. The shipping was amazing! Ordered on a Tuesday night, had it on Friday.

    Broke in one day

    We use these at work all the time. I work for DPS in NC. We all use Monadnock autolock batons. This particular baton, the X3 23" broke in one day. It was rather stiff and I just assumed it needed to be broken in and was opening and closing it a few times when the smallest shaft stopped collapsing. So, now after the first day of receiving it I'm paying to ship it to safariland for repairs. Waste of money. Teaches me to stick with the department's baton, at least they fix them for free.


    The baton I ordered was the right one for the job.

    Not bad

    I like the feel of this baton but it is very hard to close compared to my ASP Talon. I can easily place the tip on my body and close my Talon with one hand. The Monadnock Autolock X3 requires two hands and a good amount of force to close it. I’m hoping it just needs breaking in. Only time will tell.