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Monadnock AutoLock® X3™ Heavy Gauge 21" Baton

Monadnock AutoLock® X3™ Heavy Gauge 21" Baton

  • $164.64

Monadnock AutoLock® X3™ Heavy Gauge 21" Baton:

The Monadnock AutoLock HG (Heavy Gauge) baton features a larger diameter shaft that increases the strength of this baton. The Super Grip® handle provides an excellent surface for the user to maintain control of the baton against pulling and twisting. The ribbed material enhances grip in both wet and dry conditions. Like other AutoLock batons, this retracts with the ease of a push button. 

Additional enhancements of the AutoLock HG include an integrated nose guide for more efficient holstering and grip protection, and an improved positive locking design that offers reliably consistent locking action, as well as tightened tolerances resulting in a more solid feel in the hand. The X3 HG is made for durability, with a black electroless nickel finish that prevents corrosion inside and out. Monadnock manufactures high quality batons that are built to withstand rigorous duty conditions & military applications. 

Monadnock Baton Grip, Finish & Cap Guide