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Monadnock AutoLock® II Black Chrome Baton

Monadnock AutoLock® II Black Chrome Baton

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Monadnock AutoLock® II Black Chrome Baton:

The Monadnock Auto Lock II Lock Baton is the next generation leading edge baton utilizing Auto Lock technology as well as a new cam and stainless ball bearing. The new cam and stainless ball bearing shows improvement in baton stability and locking action. Whether Jabbing, Blocking, or Striking, the Baton is ensured to stay locked in the open position

The Auto Lock is an innovation created by combining the technology of the Positive Lock and the Friction Lock. The Baton Extends with the flick of your wrist, and detracts by Pushing the button on the end cap. This gets rid of the need for striking the ground to close the baton

The Monadnock AutoLock® II Baton utilizes the Super Grip Technology. Super grip has a corrugated texture to retain the baton with ease. It also has a Wedge end baton cap.

The Extended Length of the Monadnock AutoLock® II Expandable Baton is 23 inches. It has a weight of 24 ounces. It comes in a Black Chrome finish.

Power safety tip- 1165735
Barcode- 792298013076

Monadnock Baton Grip, Finish & Cap Guide