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Monadnock 26" Baton - Holder & Hindi Cap

Monadnock 26" Baton - Holder & Hindi Cap

  • $159.13

Monadnock 26" Baton - Holder & Hindi Cap:

Monadnock batons are known for their strength and durability. This 26” baton is equipped with a heavy-duty foam grip and black chrome shafts. The foam grip provides good retention, even in adverse and wet conditions. The expanding shafts and handle are constructed of heavy-duty heat-treated steel that is protected by a nice black chrome finish for a tactical look. 

This kit also includes a 360° swiveling baton holder & a Hindi Cap. The baton holder is constructed of high strength polycarbonate. This baton holder clips onto your belt and has 8 locking positions. Advantages added by the Hindi Cap include improved retention at draw, faster baton location & prevents slippage. Hindi Caps are the most effective baton accessory.

Monadnock Batons are made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Patrick Dean Burcher
Nice job

It’s exactly what I was looking for! This gives me some piece of mind when my family of 4 goes on hiking trails

Javier Soto JR
Highly recommend Hindi end cap

Needless to say, monadnock’s materials and build quality are top of the class. Definitely a favorite in my academy. I do highly recommend the Hindi end cap for added comfort of secure hold. That being said, do realize it is a large end cap. It has never gotten in the way while on my belt especially when using a rotating holster. I will say this end cap is not something I wanna go hands on with and land on when hitting the floor. The price point is average for a baton of this quality. Thank you to baton warehouse for providing me this item and in a timely manor.

Additional: this baton will work in asp rotation scabbard but I do not recommend you do so because the strike end of the baton, when seated will go through the hole at the bottom and want to open when you remove the baton from the holster. It will not open with enough force to lock the baton so you may end up in a world of hurt. I would recommend sticking with the provided scabbard.

James Gray
satisfied customer 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

I searched everywhere for a quality baton for a reasonable price and when I found the baton warehouse website,I was very happy to find a monadnock 26" baton with the holder and handi-cap.The price of the baton was so reasonable that I immediately made the purchase.I wanted to get the baton as soon as possible and when I found out that there was an overnight express mail option...i was smiling from ear to ear 😁 i didn't even care how much the shipping cost was.The next day my baton was delivered in perfect condition.I make lots of online purchases from different websites,but my encounter with Baton Warehouse. Com was Amazing.

Ronald D.
Great Customer Service

I ordered a baton from Baton Warehouse. When I received the baton it was damaged in transit. I called and just happened to get the owner of the company. The owner replaced the baton no questions asked. He even overnighted it to me. Now that is great customer service and he now has a return customer for life. Anyone looking for a baton I highly recommend this company.

Mark E.
Happy with purchase

Purchased for multiple reasons. Mainly due to problem neighborhood dogs getting a little too close for comfort on our family nightly walks, but also for a couple other just in case situations as well.

While I know there are other higher end models this one has a lot of bang for the buck.

Grip is excellent. Hindi cap gives you really secure grip plus makes it easy to grab and go.

I wish the case was a little more low profile but does a good job at retaining the baton in multiple positions.

When the baton locks, it locks. No worries about collapse during use.

Very happy overall. Would certainly recommend.